When what we do helps someone…

…. it’s great to hear results.

Just before Thanksgiving I met with a recently widowed woman.  Still in mourning, she was reeling from her loss and struggling to make sense of her health plan costs and her dramatically reduced monthly income.

When she disclosed her assets and monthly income, I explained to her some programs she was likely eligible for and provided assistance with the enrollment process.

For starters, the easy one. I enrolled this client in the New York State Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program. EPIC helps with Medicare Part D premiums, prescriptions co-pays and the Part D “donut hole.”

Then, we confirmed she was eligible for Social Security Extra Help – available to Medicare participants with limited resources.

Third, New York State offers Part B premium assistance to Medicare participants with limited income and resources.

I love what I do.

When I received this note with the closing “Thank you again for giving me my life back” it reminds me of why we serve – to add some value to another’s life.  This is fulfilling and rewarding in its own way.

2016 0215 Thank you note

(518) 346-2115


About Daniel G. Alcorn
My financial services career began in the late 70's in New Hampshire. My career path includes 19 years in Vermont where I served as Senior Vice President of the state's largest commercial bank. I relocated to New York's Capital Region in 2003 where I now enjoy helping individuals and families with their Life, Medicare and Long Term Care insurance decisions. Let's connect online at www.linkedin.com/in/dgalcorn and https://www.facebook.com/DGAlcorn.Associates/

4 Responses to When what we do helps someone…

  1. Howansky, Kenneth J says:

    Dan: Very nice note from another satisfied (thankful/grateful!) member. Keep serving others the way you do! ☺

    Ken Howansky
    Agent Manager (Albany)
    UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement
    Upstate NY East
    518-355-3428 office
    866-393-6298 efax
    518-810-8206 cell

    • Daniel G. Alcorn says:

      Thank you, Ken, for your leadership in encouraging us to “do the right thing for it’s the right thing to do.”

  2. fmp1974 says:

    I like you miss my friend. It is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding

    Francesco M. Pecoraro, MBA President and CEO The Pecoraro Companies, Inc. P.O. Box 12621 Albany, NY 12212

    Direct: (518) 312-4749 Fax: (888) 376-6699


    Sent from my iPhone

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